Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Diet Journey

Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Diet Journey

Dieting can seem daunting and appear to be a huge commitment. When starting a diet, it is important to know what to expect and not to fall for fad diets. This way, you would not feel disheartened when things do not seem like it is going your way. Here are some things you should know before you start dieting.

Bid farewell to fad diets

You may be wondering: what is a fad diet? Fad diets are any diet that promotes fast or immediate results, which sounds promising but is often misleading. These fad diets are short-term effects of your dietary change, and the weight you lose from these will come back, which can be discouraging. So before starting any diet plan, it is essential you do research or consult experts such as a dietitian or even a personal gym trainer.

Lower food intake decreases metabolism

Often, dieting is perceived as eating less or cutting down on how much you eat. While certain plans require certain foods to be reduced, starvation is not a healthy or effective form of weight loss. When you deprive or starve yourself, the body conserves energy and reduces the number of calories burnt. This will make it harder to lose weight as your metabolism slows down. As such, if a diet plan consists of cutting down on calories, it will likely not work in the long run.

Unsustainable caloric restriction affects hormones

As mentioned, fad diets only work temporarily, especially when these diet plans are restrictive and unsustainable. The body reacts to caloric deprivation and experiences changes in hormone levels such as leptin, ghrelin, and cortisol. Leptin, the hormone that signals satisfaction, decreases and, thus, lowers satiety or the feeling that you are full. Meanwhile, ghrelin and cortisol– hunger and stress hormones, respectively– increase. This may result in binge eating or even anxiety regarding food.

Consistency is key

Consistency in your journey is the key to steady weight loss. However, this does not mean your diet has to be strict and rigid. Following a plan blindly will often not work as they are not catered to you and your body, making it hard to stay motivated and be consistent. To combat this, what you can do is find a plan that fits your lifestyle. Make realistic and attainable goals that you can stick to, and review them as you go along. Weight loss does not require drastic changes overnight– small changes over a period of time will be more beneficial in the long run and can help keep the weight off for good.


When people think of weight loss, the first thing that comes to mind may be “dieting”. Instead of diving straight into strict diet regimes, consider changing your current habits periodically in pursuit of a long-term goal. This will prevent a “yo-yo” effect where you regain all your lost weight. If you are interested in a long-term fitness plan, we are here for you. Vigeo is a personal training studio with a team of leading trainers in Singapore. Book an appointment with us today!

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