How to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals This 2023

People can get disappointed and quit altogether when they cannot meet their goals, which are too high in the first place. Setting realistic goals is the key here, plus consistency. For instance, focus on doing consistent exercises instead of thinking too much about the number of repetitions you can perform or the weight of the dumbbells you can lift.

This is not your typical how-to or motivation guide on starting your journey—this article enumerates attainable and sustainable health and fitness goals. We will also let you know where you can have the best personal fitness training in Singapore.

Focus on the process instead of the outcome

Winners and losers have the same goals; the difference is how they do it. While someone who fails is often focused on the outcome, the one who succeeds tends to focus more on the system, processes, and the consistent execution of actions that lead them to the result.

Let’s use weight loss as an example – you may be determined to lose weight and get in shape in the new year, so you may start embarking on a strict exercise and diet regime. After a few weeks, you lost weight and look better! Yay. Not so fast – after a few weeks, your motivation wanes, the results start stagnating, life gets in the way, and your plan goes out of the window. That is outcome focus. 

Focus on ensuring that you get 2-3 workouts a week, eating whole natural food 70-80% of the time, being active 30 minutes every day, and focusing on doing them consistently well. You will eventually achieve the outcome and not be demotivated along the way because your wins are determined by making the daily habits and not whether you get the immediate results.

Set achievable mini goals instead of big lofty goals

How many times have you set big goals with grand plans but only to fail shortly after? One of the main issues of new year resolutions is setting too lofty goals that often requires people to do too much too soon – the bigger the goal, the greater the change, the harder it takes. It is no wonder why most people fail. Start by taking the next small step from your current state such as running for 15 minutes everyday instead of 5km, eating less fried food instead of eating salad every meal, sleeping 10 minutes earlier instead of sleeping 2 more hours.

As personal trainers, we help our students break down their big goal into smaller mini goals, and further into daily actionable daily steps that is easy to do which will ultimately help them achieve their end goals. 

Aim to do well most of the time but not perfectly

We all have this all-or-nothing mindset – it’s either I do it all the way/perfectly or not at all. That is a detrimental mindset because results come from what you do on average, not the number of times you do it perfectly. 

For example, you may aim to eat lesser every day of the week to lose weight, and you have been successful for four consecutive days. However, on the 5th day, you eat something “sinful” in the morning and feel that it has destroyed your efforts, so therefore, you let yourself go for the rest of the day/week, thinking that you can restart the next day/week. Something that may cost you a small number of additional calories has now rolled over to a much more significant amount because of this all-or-nothing mindset. 

Aim to do well most of the time, and even if you are not successful sometimes, keep it from derailing you by getting back on track quickly. As a bonus, when you expect yourself to be flawed only some of the time and even plan for small indulges, it will keep you more motivated and stay on course for much longer, giving you much more outstanding results. 

Our personal training students often get worried when they don’t get it perfectly well; We smiled, reassured, and encouraged them because it’s not about being perfect all the time, it’s about doing consistently well most of the time. Do not worry.

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