Foods That Seem Healthy But Aren’t As Good As You Thought

Foods That Seem Healthy But Aren’t As Good As You Thought

Finding healthy food has become incredibly challenging, with companies marketing their products as health foods. In an age of false information, products are not always advertised truthfully, which can influence what we perceive as healthy. As such, it is important to be careful when selecting “healthy” foods and not be tricked. Here are some foods that may seem healthy but are not as nutritious as you thought.


Granola and granola bars are among the most popular snacks, often marketed as healthy. While granola can be rich in fibre, protein and other micronutrients, it is high in calories and may contain added sugar.

Flavoured yoghurt

Fruit-flavoured yoghurt sounds like the ultimate health food– unfortunately, flavoured yoghurt is less healthy due to the additional sugar. Instead, choose plain Greek yoghurt and add fresh fruit.

Sports beverages

Sports and energy drinks are often marketed to raise energy and boost performance, with electrolytes being one of their main benefits. However, they are often just sugar water and food colouring– restore electrolytes naturally by drinking coconut water instead.

Fruit and vegetable chips

While fruit and vegetables are healthy, their chip variety is not necessarily healthier than potato chips. Fruit and vegetable chips are often heavily processed, which means most of their glorious nutrients are gone in the cooking process.

Canned fruit

Like its chip counterparts, canned fruit is not as healthy as it seems. Fruits that come in cans are often packed with sugar or syrup. While they taste great, canned fruits should not replace fresh fruit.


This may come as a shocker, but not all salads are healthy, especially prepackaged ones. Salads from restaurants or packages often come with salad dressings and added sodium. Salad dressings can have a lot of preservatives, salt and calories. Choose your salads wisely, or make your own.

Acai Bowls

Acai bowls are one of the most popular foods among the youth. The individual components of an acai bowl– acai puree, fresh and frozen fruits, nuts– may seem healthy, but they are not as healthy as they seem. Some toppings, such as cookie butter and granola, add calories and sugar to these bowls. So opt for healthier toppings and eat acai bowls in moderation.

Coconut shakes

While coconuts have many benefits, the same does not always apply to coconut shakes. Some have claimed that coconut shakes are “healthy bubble teas”. Coconut shakes are often made with coconut flesh, coconut water and ice; you may add coconut ice cream, sugar and other toppings. Like bubble tea, coconut shakes are treats that should be drunk occasionally.


Many foods appear to be healthy or are labelled as a healthier choice but often have hidden sugar or calories. If you plan to lose weight or maintain a diet, it is essential to understand what you are consuming. At Vigeo Heath & Fitness, we have a team of personal fitness trainers in Singapore dedicated to helping you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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