Personal Training for People above 35

Get Fit.
Look Great.
Feel Amazing.

When your health and fitness suffer

The rest of your life suffers

  • Unhappy with how you look and feel self-conscious

  • Struggling to find clothes that fit and flatter your body

  • Experiencing fatigue doing simple physical tasks

  • Constantly feeling low energy and lethargic

  • Feeling like age is catching up and your body breaking down

  • Disappointed with unsuccessful diet and workout programs



With Singapore’s Leading Personal Training Gym

Get Fit


Perform daily activities with ease and enjoy a higher quality of life

Transform your body

Look Great

Exude confidence with a
fitter and toner body

Get Healthy

Feel Amazing

Experience higher energy levels and mental clarity


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Specialized Personal Training for People above 35

Get fit and healthy without compromising your well-being

  • Achieve results while eating your favourite food without restrictive diets

  • Get fit and strong without high-impact exercises that hurt your joints

  • Experience higher energy levels without spending hours working out

  • Maintain your progress and newfound energy levels over the long term.


The Vigeo Difference

What makes our Personal Training Unique

Personal Trainers who truly care for you

We are not just regular personal trainers, but coaches who care for, uplift and encourage you every step


No more cookie-cutter programmes; We tailor every bit of our personal training programs to suit you


We cover every aspect of health and fitness and help you develop habits that keep you healthy for life

Transform youR life with Vigeo Personal Training

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Starting Personal Training is Easy

Here’s how it works


Book an appointment

Book an
Consultation Session

Share with us your goal and we will create the best personal training program for you


Be guided by our personal trainer

Be guided by
our Personal Trainer

Get expert coaching, guidance and support by our caring personal trainers every step of the way


Health and Fitness Result

your Health and Fitness

Feel absolutely amazing, fit and healthy and learn how to sustain it for the rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vigeo personal training focuses on helping people create long term results through healthy and sustainable methods.

In contrast to the typical personal training gyms and personal trainers in Singapore who often prioritize aesthetic goals through intense training and nutrition techniques, our approach is centered on enhancing both your external appearance and internal well-being.

Vigeo Personal Training empowers you to not only look fantastic but also feel more fitter and healthier, enabling you to enjoy a higher quality of life.

We are the number one personal training gym in Singapore, pioneering the exclusive pod concept alongside our semi-private personal trainnig model, designed to provide every individual with their own exclusive personal training haven, equipped and every single piece of equipment you need.

Picture this: you step into a conventional gym or personal training studio, eager to begin your workout, only to find the equipment you desire is in use. You navigate to an alternative, only to face the same issue again. This frustration leads you to carve out a space for bodyweight exercises, only to share it with someone dripping in sweat, even the exercise mat also soaked. It’s a far cry from the ideal workout setting.

Now, envision entering a personal training studio where you’re greeted by your own personal space, fully stocked with the equipment you require, spotlessly clean, and you even have your own dedicated mirror and a tailor-made program crafted just for you.

This is the unique essence of Vigeo Personal Training Studio. We have redefined the fitness experience, ensuring your workouts are not only effective but also enjoyable in a private, pristine environment tailored to your needs and goals.

At Vigeo personal training, we know firsthand that this pivotal age of above 35 often brings challenges—your health and fitness are on the decline, leaving you dealing with aches, feeling unfit, struggling with low energy, experiencing poor health, and out of shape. Balancing this with the demands of family responsibilities, raising children, and advancing your career just makes it so much harder.

Acknowledging these hurdles, we’ve dedicated ourselves to specialize in personal training for those above 35. Our approach is more than just a fitness routine—it’s a comprehensive strategy crafted to cater to your unique circumstances and specific needs at this stage in life.

Our team of personal trainers carefully curated a practical, holistic plan that help you to get fit, look great and feel amazing. Our aim is not only to guide you to achieve tangible results but to ensure you sustain for a lifetime

Vigeo, we know that health is the most important foundation of people’s lives. If our health suffers, so does our life.

We believe that fitness is a chisel by which we can craft the finest foundation of health. We change lives through holistic fitness coaching so that people can feel, move and live better.

‘Vigeo’ is a Latin word which has a dual meaning: it means to be ‘Active and Strong’ and to ‘Flourish and Thrive’.
We believe that when you take care of your body, you can perform at your best in life.

Transforming your  transforms your life.

Our mission is change lives through health and fitness.

Where can i find personal trainer near me? Our personal training gym 3mins walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station at 6 Fort Canning Road, YWCA Fort Canning Singapore 179494.

Our personal training studio is located in the central area of Singapore, a stone’s throw away if you are looking for gym male or female personal trainer in Dhoby Ghuat or Orchard and a few MRT stations away from the Central Business District– making it an accessible location for anyone are looking for a Singapore personal trainer for weight loss, fat loss, strength training and body transformation.

We do not believe in personal training packages as they do not relate to the goal that each person want to achieve. We are not off-the-shelf personal training program.

In order for us to help and for you to see results, we need to understand your goals, needs and wants before customizing and prescribing the right personal training program for you.

Personal training is a partnership and we must make sure we are 100% certain we can help you before our personal trainers will feel confident to work with you.

You can book a strategy session, and our personal fitness trainers will take the time to understand your needs.

We are by appointment basis only. Please contact us early to book your appointment.

Opening hours are as follow

  • Weekdays: 8am – 9pm
  • Weekends: 8am – 1pm
  • Public holidays: 8am – 6pm

Our personal training sessions runs almost every hour of our opening hours.

However, our evening and weekend slots are extremely popular, so do book early if you want to secure your slots.