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When your health and fitness suffer

The rest of your Life suffers

  • Unhappy with the way you look

  • Getting out of shape and unable to fit into your clothes

  • Feel unfit and tired just doing simple physical tasks

  • Constantly feeling low energy and lethargic

  • Think “age is catching up” as you feel unfit & unhealthy

  • Tried diet and workout programs with no results

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With Vigeo’s Personal Training

Personal Training

Transform your


Look amazing and feel confident as you lose weight, get tone and achieve the body of your dreams

Personal Training

Supercharge your


Unleash your inner athlete
and get super fit & strong
with our unique
training methodology

Personal Training

Upgrade your


Feel more energetic, reduce stress, improve focus, and have a healthier and stronger body


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the vigeo difference

What makes us so special


coaches that care for you

A lot of personal trainers will give random exercises, yell at you, and are often disengaged.
We are professional coaches who empathize, care for, and encourage you.


Bespoke Workouts specially designed for you

No more cookie-cutter programs and wasting time doing workouts that don’t work for you.
We tailor personal training programs specifically for you and your body.


Nutrition that achieves long-term sustainable results

Fad and short-term diets are impractical and often not sustainable.
Our nutrition plan will help you get long-term sustainable results for years.

Your life can be transformed too

Based on 33 reviews.
Jazreel Thian
Started personal training with Vigeo 2 months ago and enjoying every minute of it. I like that my PT Benson interviewed me prior joining them to see if he was able to help me. And after that was history. Benson has very indepth knowledge of the human body, and he never hesistates to share it with us. Looking forward to achieving my goals with Vigeo!
Ian Ho
I been going to Vigeo for 2 over years. My trainer, Benson is knowledgable and extremely dedicated to his craft. During the past 2 years, he has gone all out in ensuring that I meet my fitness goals and is always reachable and approachable when I have questions to ask even outside our trainig hours. If you are looking for a dedicated trainer who will work with you to meet your goals, you need not look further than Benson.
Evelyn Tan
For more than a year I was having recurring pain in my left butt when running despite several attempts to rest and strengthen. Same time.. also having pain/weakness in my right arm/shoulder. When the opportunity came to do personal training with Vigeo Fitness, decided to give it a try. After several weeks, most thankful … able to lead an active life, enjoy my runs, hikes….pain free 🙏 Recently as I was going up Gunung Lambak… realised my hard work at the gym made the hike a fun one 💪😊
Alvin Tan
Going through a weight loss journey is not an easy path and I am sure most will agree with this. It’s all about taking baby steps. Changing old habits and sticking to the new habits. I came to vigeo on a just give it a try basis. I was pleasantly surprised by the superb training environment and facilities at vigeo. The facilities are only for personal training and exclusive, this means you don’t have to wait or share machines. What stood out for me the most is my trainer. He not only keeps you in check and give tips on how to eat healthier, he really cares about your well being and tries his best to make sure you reach your targeted goals. Weight is a daily struggle and having someone to keep you in check and encouraging you makes the whole experience so much better.
Con Cord
This is the only gym I gladly look forward to going. I had only started my fitness journey about 2 months ago. For this, I thought it be best to be guided and explained in details of the exercises that I would do and how they could affect each muscle groups. At Vigeo, everyone is well bonded and there is no judgement no matter your size, colour, height or age, we work hard together in order to achieve our ideal body types. I have always thought that exercise was what made us fitter and buffer however, contrary to my knowledge, getting fit is so much more. For example, diet is a very important aspect of getting fit. At Vigeo, it's not just about the gym. The trainers care a lot about our day to day lives as well because, getting fit has to start with our eating habits and our lifestyles. In order to achieve our goal body, we have to start slowly step by step and I feel much more confident having my personal trainer there to tell me where to look into and where I can improve on. TLDR; I have never felt healthier, happier and stronger. And it's great to feel confident in knowing that there is someone who knows what to do guiding you in the right way to get stronger, fitter and healthier.
Sophian Abdul Rahman
Thinking of joining...
Zhan Yang Oh
I first began training with Benson about three months before I enlisted into the army. Thanks to his personal training and guidance, I went from failing my IPPT in school to getting silver in BMT and eventually gold. Since then, I've kept up on a biweekly training program with Benson. He is professional and friendly, and takes my feedback on every session seriously. The equipment in the gym are all designed with the user in mind, to make training more effective and less strenuous.
Jeremy Tan
Its a gorgeous green gym w views of verdance tht embrace it…. Encouraging u to breathe in deeply n exhale the worldly issues that compound n let yr mind n muscles b tuned n toned by the expertise of its founder principal Ben Poh - a true, clean, genuine professional who takes yr needs n being into careful consideration n gently coaxes n retunes yr body, mind n soul into a supple state of functions that addresses the challenges of being w the world, n being w yourself!
Mei Young
Personal training at its best. Benson is very knowledgeable and ensures you perform the intended the exercise properly, activating the right group of muscles. He ensures the training is challenging enough, sustainable and meets desired goals. The training is personalised / customised based on discussed goals and as your goals changes, he adapts the training accordingly. The training doesn’t get boring as he somehow he knows when it’s time to change up the planned workout. Highly recommended Benson and his team!
Fionn Liew
Awesome training session at Vigeo Fitness! We had a small group personal training session. Benson is very patient and encouraging throughout the training. Training program is customised for us, who have various level of physical fitness. Highly recommended personal trainer, and Vigeo Fitness is definitely the place for those who want to achieve a better health and fitness level.

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