Personal Training for People above 35

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With Singapore’s Leading Personal Training Gym

  •  Transform your Body
  • Supercharge your Fitness
  •  Upgrade your Health

When your health and fitness suffer

so does the rest of your life

When you are unfit and unhealthy, it takes a toll on the quality of your life.

Too many people over 35 simply accept what happens when you get older such as

  • Being unhappy with the way you look

  • Struggling to fit into your clothes when you get out of shape

  • Experiencing fatigue just doing simple physical tasks

  • Constantly feeling low energy and lethargy throughout the day

  • Thinking “age is catching up” as you feel unfit and unhealthy

  • Trying diet and workout programs but not achieving results



With Vigeo’s Personal Training

When it comes to health and fitness, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.
These are some of the things you can expect when every aspect of your transformation and nutrition
is based around you and your overall well-being with Vigeo’s personal training:


Transform your


Get the body that even your friends and family will envy. Feel more confident as you lose weight, look toned and amazing in your clothes


Supercharge your


Unleash your inner athlete and feel super strong and fit (even better than your younger days) with our unique training methodology


Upgrade your


Regain the bounce in your step and be in the pink of health as your body gets fitter, mind sharper and energy more vibrant


Read the transformation stories of our Personal Training Clients


It’s the Change You Can Make And Results You Will See

Vigeo’s personal training and personal fitness training gyms is revolutionary because it helps you finally take control of your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle in a way that makes sense for you and fits your needs
rather than someone telling you to do something that just doesn’t make sense in the long term.

Our fitness trainers in Singapore coach real people in the real world and help them achieve their goals without creating extremes in their lifestyle that would be unsustainable.

Our coaching approaches aim to understand you, what you want to achieve and why, and the obstacles in your way, and then coach you to get to your goals and keep them for good.


the vigeo difference

What makes us special


coaches that care for you

While many personal trainers may give you random exercises, yell at you, and are often disengaged, Vigeo’s personal gym trainers are professional coaches who are empathetic, caring, and encouraging so that you can be uplifted and receive the support you deserve.


Bespoke Workouts specially designed for you

No more cookie-cutter programmes and wasting time doing workouts that don’t work for you. Based on the results of your body, assessment, and goals, we’re able to give you the best training program and guidance. We tailor our training programs to suit the needs of different individuals to provide the best personal training & group personal training experiences in Singapore for our clients.


Nutrition that achieves long-term sustainable results

You are unique, which is why having a fad and short-term diet is impractical and often not sustainable. Our nutrition plan will help you still have a social life and get long-term sustainable results for years.

Your life can be transformed too

Weng Hoe Low
Weng Hoe Low
Vigeo is definitely one of the most welcoming and non-intimidating environment if one is looking for a place to embark a journey to better health. Benson is very professional and knowledgeable in his assessment / training plans and providing sound advices depending on the fitness goals one have. He also provides holistic advices as we have other commitments in life thus it’s important to strike a balance between training and life. We discussed and both agreed that longevity and progressive loading is what I’m looking for in order to improve while reducing risk of injury. A carefully customised training program was designed and carefully monitored by Benson and his team. Feedback during the sessions were always quickly taken and adjustments were timely made when exercises were too hard. Benson and team have alway been friendly yet firm and respectful during their coaching and provide the extra push necessary for me to complete my training plan.
Jerry Geng
Jerry Geng
I have been going to this gym for more than half a year, and I think I can safely say that this is probably the most comfortable gym experience in my life. This gym has taught me in many ways, not just in how we train to better ourselves or which diet would best suit our current body weight, it has taught me to grow as a person. So I have to give my thanks mainly to the personal trainers. Mr. Benson and Jean, the excellent personal trainers at Vigeo, will make you feel right at home with their bright and enthusiastic attitudes. While doing your workouts, Jean will sometimes go from station to station to check on how you are doing, often correcting or complimenting depending on how you do your exercises and also keeping a close eye to see if there are any safety hazards, Jean is everyone’s personal trainer. After your workouts, you can go to Mr. Benson’s office to discuss the workout day, whether it was too tough or easy, you must give him feedback as he may need to make adjustments to the programmes given to you. You can also ask him literally anything related to the human body for advice, ranging from what a good diet is to how a certain muscle group work. All in all, this is the best gym I have ever been to and you do not have to worry about the people going there, they are as nice as the personal trainers. I was really hesitant to go to the gym at first, but I can say for now that I do not regret it one bit.
Vigeo is a warm gym, with excellent equipment and a very knowledgeable and encouraging team of coaches. Head Coach Benson knows his stuff and makes you feel welcome and motivated. He explains clearly and has different cues to help his students understand the movements and the muscles worked. And can cater to different levels and abilities and even injuries with regressions. If you have goals, and want to enjoy your fitness journey at the same time, give Vigeo a go! 💯
Janelle Lim
Janelle Lim
At Vigeo, I've learnt that fitness is not just about what you do IN the gym, but (equally if not more importantly) what you do OUTSIDE the gym ie. Diet. 🍗 Benson uses a health road map at the very beginning to help us set tangible goals. Rather than telling us to drastically change our diet, he encourages us to make tiny modifications to help us achieve our goals. Benson focuses a lot on being consistent and long term results rather than quick fixes, which are often not very sustainable. This has been very effective, I've experienced the changes in just 2 months 👍👍👍 In terms of the actual workout, Benson designs the programmes via an app and each of us has our own account. The programmes are gradual and progressive and the community is very supportive. Benson & Jean give immediate & valuable feedback on the exercises that we do too. I really really enjoy going to Vigeo! Appreciate it, Jean & Benson 😘🥳
Alice Neo
Alice Neo
Vigeo has been impactful & significant in my journey back to fitness. I have stopped exercising for 2 years due to recovery of a chronic pain condition - tendonitis in my right ankle from sports injury. I recalled my pre-assessment with Benson was insightful and he would not accept client if he knew he can't help in anyway. The conversation gave me confidence to give it a try and my experience with Vigeo has been unparalleled thus far. I’ve started training with Vigeo since late Aug 2022. Benson customized a program focusing on strength building, having my tendonitis condition in mind. Before training with Vigeo, I would feel fatigue at 12min of my run (See 1st photo). However, after my 4th session with Vigeo, my fatigue was only felt at the 17min(See 2nd photo). I never thought I could be back to at this state, so soon. I felt alive and happy. Within just 2 weeks of training at Vigeo (2 sessions/week), I’ve seen vast improvement and felt the effectiveness of the training program. Benson tweaks and improvise the exercises to help me to get the right posture to achieve the best results. My personal trainer, Benson is professional, empowering and honest. He coaches with patience at my pace. He answers my questions and celebrates my milestones of victory. With his years of experience and knowledge in health and fitness, he was able to give proper guidance and invaluable advice even with my medical limitations. Vigeo led by Benson is also aligned to its values. They deliver not only beneficial training but its healthy culture enabled me to train in an nurturing environment. A big shout out, also to Jean who played a big part in my weekly sessions. My journey has been rewarding and worth it. I'd highly recommend to anyone who wants to take the plunge to change and grow. Big Thank you to Benson and Team Vigeo!
Samantha Quek
Samantha Quek
Hands down, best choice both my husband and I have made training at Vigeo with Benson. Every program is customized to suit our level and goals we have set out to achieve. I first decided to look for a personal trainer as I wanted to shed my post pregnancy weight and tummy. It certainly helps that Vigeo has a fantastic set up and by far the best facility around with 4 individual pods which means at one time there are only 3 other people training with you. The gym is always spick and span, not like the usual gyms where sometimes smells and feels grimy. Gym equipments are also all well taken care of. If you are looking for customized quality training program to suit your goals, a clean and cool looking gym, and knowledgeable and friendly trainers, look no further. I love this place and highly recommend Vigeo to anyone who wants to get in shape. They know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible. With Vigeo's customized training programs and better diet management, I have achieved the goals within 6 months since I joined Vigeo. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight and my waist has gone down from 27.5" to 26". You have no idea how happy I am. Vigeo cares and goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.
grace tay
grace tay
If you’re looking to transform your health and fitness for the better, in a way that is actually enjoyable and self-sustaining, Vigeo is the place for you. I started working with Vigeo 4-5 weeks ago because I wanted to lose some body fat and retain lean muscle mass. I have always been an active person - going to the gym 3-4x a week on my own and eating rather intuitively. However, no matter how much I tried to “control” my diet by skipping meals when I don’t feel like it or thinking I’m eating less sugary stuff, my weight was still creeping up. Not significantly, but slowly and surely. So after being frustrated and demotivated about training for awhile, I decided to seek professional help at Vigeo. 4-5 weeks in, I’ve dropped ~2kg of body fat, am visibly leaner, and look forward to going to the gym. Benson crafted a workout program that incorporated the exercises I enjoyed, variety in each week (which is very important for me) and was challenging yet did not make me feel drained. He also coached me to make wiser food choices while having the freedom to eat the foods I love. With his encouragement and guidance, I am able to achieve a stress-free balance between indulgences, overall healthier choices AND improving my body composition at the same time. I can literally have my cake and eat it. Benson’s functional fitness knowledge is also second to none in Singapore, he’s truly one of the best personal trainers / coaches - always encouraging, empathetic and highly dedicated to his craft, as well as building a team that will deliver the same outstanding personal training experience to more people. You will be in good hands.
Jazreel Thian
Jazreel Thian
Started personal training with Vigeo 2 months ago and enjoying every minute of it. I like that my PT Benson interviewed me prior joining them to see if he was able to help me. And after that was history. Benson has very indepth knowledge of the human body, and he never hesistates to share it with us. Looking forward to achieving my goals with Vigeo!
Ian Ho
Ian Ho
I been going to Vigeo for 2 over years. My trainer, Benson is knowledgable and extremely dedicated to his craft. During the past 2 years, he has gone all out in ensuring that I meet my fitness goals and is always reachable and approachable when I have questions to ask even outside our trainig hours. If you are looking for a dedicated trainer who will work with you to meet your goals, you need not look further than Benson.

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Be guided by
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Our coaches are armed with experience and dedication.
Get expert coaching, guidance and support every step of the way so
that you know exactly what
to do without injuring yourself


Transform your health and fitness

Get into the best shape of your life and feel amazing, fitter, & healthier that even your friends will envy.
The best part? You will learn how to sustain this for the rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our personal training gym is 3mins walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station at 6 Fort Canning Road, YWCA Fort Canning Singapore 179494. Vigeo personal training studio is located in the central area of Singapore, a stone’s throw away from town and a few MRT stations away from the Central Business District– making it an accessible location for anyone who wants to come from work or home.

Vigeo personal training gym is open from 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please make an appointment in advance as our services are by appointment basis only and are typically quite popular.

We do not have a fixed package as we need to understand your goals, needs and wants before customizing and prescribing the best training program for you. You can book a strategy session, and our personal fitness trainers will take the time to understand your needs. Vigeo offers one of the best personal trainings in Singapore for people over 35. Contact us for more information and book a strategy session today.

Vigeo specialize in helping people create long term sustainable health and fitness results rather than using extreme, short-term and unsustainable methods – we help you achieve results and be happy doing so for many years to come. We also tailor our training programs to suit the unique needs of you and your body rather than a cookie-cutter program that forces you to do a workout that doesn’t work for you. While many personal trainers may give you random exercises, yell at you, and are often disengaged, Vigeo’s personal gym trainers are professional coaches who are empathetic, caring, and encouraging so that you can be uplifted and receive the support you deserve.