What is 3DMAPS

A systematic way to understand human movement function grounded in the truth of the human body.

3DMAPS empowers you to analyse the entire three-dimensonal chain reaction function of the human body by understanding the Principles (Why) of all human movement to derive powerful Strategies (How) and ultimately, illuminating the effectiveness of the Techniques (what) of the 6 vital chain reaction of 3DMAPS and creating a performance series of movement techniques to enhance them

Acquire the indispensable knowledge to analyse all human function

3DMAPS is designed and created for all professionals in the Movement Industry for Analysis, Rehabilitation, Training, and Performance.

1) The AFS process of Principles-Strategy-Technique

2) 6 Vital Chain Reactions in all 3 Dimensions Movement

3) Mobility Analysis and Range of Motion

4) Stability Analysis and Control of Motion

5) Relative Success Code System to document analysis

6) 14 Mobility and Stability Performance techniques

Gain the extra edge

Possess the knowledge to analyse all movement and functions

Using the 6 vital chain reaction to analyse 11 joint motion in all planes of motion seen in all human movement

Acquire powerful movement strategies to enhance function

With combination of these strategies and techniques to create unlimited possibilities to enhance the chain reaction of the entire body

Feel confident that you can work with any clients

Work with anyone from those who are suffering from movement dysfunction to others who desire to perform at the highest level

Work with various profession to bridge the gap between structure and function, rehab and performance

Through the knowledge of AFS and principles of human movement, you will be empowered to create transformation of the body to its full function after structural treatment.

Learn the most powerful 3D Movement analysis system and transform you career

Join the 3D Movement Analysis and Performance System

The 1-day live course is the jam-packed with AFS knowledge that goes beyond the online content taught by the only Fellow Of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) in South East Asia, Benson Poh, who is mentored by Gary Gray, the “Father of Function” and founder of Gray Institute. You will learn additional knowledge and practical strategies on top of the 10 hours of online content.

3DMAPS online is an alternative for those who may not make it for the class. The online course can be completed at your own pace.

Online Course

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

  • Full access to all 10 hours of 3D Maps modules online
  • Self paced learning
  • Access to next module only be completion of current one
  • Access to the examination only after completion of all modules
Live + Online

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

  • Full access to all 8 hours of 3D Maps modules live
  • Self paced learning for online
  • Access to all modules
  • Straight access to examination
  • Additional 3DMAPS content taught by a Fellow of Applied Functional Science
  • Ask specific real-life scenario questions and cases for individualized learning opportunity
  • More learning opportunities with working with other students on various case studies

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